• Fresh fish Three kinds of licking rice with an itch

      1,250 yen

      It is a popular menu of our shop! Volume is also full scale! Salad · Bowl of bear, small bowl and roasted roasted clam with 1!

    • Hashed beef cheese dress!

      1,200 yen

      I baked it with plenty of cheeses of Trotro! I have a bowl of salad · caparic bowl · small bowl · grilled roasted cloves!

    • Large age open grilling (licking, sweet spicy miso tofu, with cream croquette)

      1,300 yen

      If you want to eat fish click here! It is the best deals lunch ♪ salad · bowl of bear, small bowl and roasted baked one!

    • Oyama chicken DE chicken salad warm balls

      1,250 yen

      Healthy salad which used Oyama chicken (spoonfully) luxuriously! Health salad with salad · bowl of bowl of a salmon · small bowl · grilled roasted egg together 1!