Welcoming courtesy course ★ 2 H with all you can drink! ★

Welcoming courtesy course ★ 2 H with all you can drink! ★

4800 yen

tax included

  • 6items
  • 214persons
All-you-can-drink available

We are preparing not only shochu which is perfect for dining from beer, but also widely popular plum wine, sour, soft drink etc for women !!

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 17:00

★ Savings ★ 4,800 yen on drinks as you can also enjoy the variety of dishes that used the seasonal ingredients to send out those who took care of it and welcome new people and enjoying two types of grilled roasted pride of our pride! How about memorable fun-filled farewell reception party?

Course menu

◆ Taste of frying two kinds of taste (3 servings per serving × 2 types)

◆ salad

· Decorate Green Salad ~ Capricious Dressing ~

◆ main

· Hokkaido Shinto priest pork rock salt grill

◆ fry

· 2 kinds of Shunba tempura

◆ meals

· Chirping Chrysanthemum

◆ sweet


All-you-can-drink menu

· Sapporo black label middle bin
House wine red / white
· Corner highball
Sour various
· Lemon Sour / Oolong Hi / Jasmine High / Green Tea High
· Wheat shochu (as is) / sweet potato shochu (white treasure)
·plum wine
· Minami Takashi Sake / · Sequencer Plum wine
Soft drinks
· Pepsi / ginger ale / orange juice / oolong tea / jasmine tea / green tea

2018/02/28 update